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Nov 9, 2012 6:30pm PST
presidente, ba rook rrack obama inusual pero estaba felicitado al personal de campaÑa, el mandatario no pudo evitar el septiembre mente de fw sentimiento de gratitud >>> este domingo, no se pierdan enfoque desde washington d.c. veremos la elecciÓn del martes pasado, y veremos la importancia del voto hispano, pero este debate que ven en pantalla es entre adolfo suÁrez y me lisa dÍaz Él demÓcrata y ella republicana hablan del mensaje que mandaron los votantes pero tambiÉn hablaremos con clariza martÍnez del consejo nacional de la raza ella nos habla del voto hispano 12 millones de hispano salieron a votar 72% apoyaron al presidente obama por quÉ este domingo desde enfoque desde washington d.c. no se lo pierdan estÁ intersante el programa. muchas veces las personas que pierden su trabajo se quedan vi viendo en la calle pero una comunidad en el sur de la florida, dicen que encuentran una razÓn nueva para vivir y soÑar, vanessa hauc con la historia. >>> sembrar maÍz, yucca. >>> este es el trabajo de juan sembrar vegetales y frutas en esta granja en el corazÓn de la florida. >>> estam
Nov 23, 2012 11:00pm PST
november. rook at these temperatures below 70s in downtown jose. >> nor tonight, a huge drop off. 20-30 drg colder than the daytime highs. >> the largest concern will be like yesterday. we'll have the interstate five corridor. if you're heading back into the central value, that's something you'll want to look out for. squl let's take you outside of that live hd sky camera network: you can see you have some traffic but not nearly as much. >> tonight shlgs hopefully, a lot of people just enjoying a little bit of the holiday. we're off to see the same thing in san francisco. that will be in the forecast as we head out tomorrow. >> high pressure is going to build in and keep it pretty much mild. thn, as we head throughout monday, we'll start to get in some grajs wall changes. what is this going to mean for your saturday? we'll keep some buck ets. as we head tloult sunday, we'll get back in on this fall's pattern. >> we don't see this too often fwh november. >> not a change expected in sterms of cloud cover. >> as far as those temperatures go, also 342 in live herb mor. and then down here to
Comedy Central
Nov 9, 2012 7:00pm PST
city. i give it six pawns up, i don't know chess. so rooks? i'm an idiot. let's start tonight with the election. you know the election that just ended and the one you don't ever really want to hear about again, that one. presidential elections are never just about voting on who gets to run naked through the white house in the middle of the night. i'm looking at you, eisenhower. (laughter)
Comedy Central
Nov 9, 2012 10:00am PST
know chess. so rooks? i'm an idiot. let's start tonight with the election. you know the election that just ended and the one you don't ever really want to hear about again, that one. presidential elections are never just about voting on who gets to run naked through the white house in the middle of the night. i'm looking at you, eisenhower. (laughter) somebody's been working out. it's also about ballot referendums, referenda-- ballo ballots-- if you are talking about ballot initiatives you have to talk california. a state that loves referendums even more than it does putting avocados on on things that it doesn't belong on. what is wrong with you people, that is a cheese steak, why would you mut avocado on a cheese stake. what did they vote, a tax exempt stat to us weirdoes on the bourd walk with snakes on a shoulder, cupcakes must have at least 3% kale. >> dmal call voters agreed to pay more in sales tax and more in income tax for high earners to help close what governor jerry brown calls a $34 billion state budget cap. >> oh. california actually deciding to start trying to pay for so
Nov 12, 2012 4:55am EST
across the area. and that sunrise at 6:47 and rook at -- look at our forecast. these are the highs for today and tawnytown at 63. and as we slide further off towards the east we are looking at 66 degrees at the inner harbor and 64 in pasadena. it's going to be a nice day. get out and enjoy. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. everything is nice and clear in hunt valley. and 83 in great shape at warren road. nothing to get in your way as you travel down to 695. and as for 95, we are dealing with a crash right now in rosedale along the northbound lanes near pulaski highway and as we check in and look at drive times you will notice the southbound lanes. no concerns there. it will be nice and clear heading into the city and it's going to take you 15 minutes to travel southbound from the beltway all the way to downtown baltimore. 695 going to be in great shape if we can pull up the drive times. no delays whatsoever. it's going to take you 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 to 95. and the beltway will remain nice and clear from parkvi
Nov 2, 2012 5:00am PDT
now around hours showers will creep in around you are rook , near chico possibly reading more likely in the higher elevations around there low 70s sacramento fresno increasing sunshine there upper 60s l.a. and san diego 85 palm springs tahoe this weekend is going to be the coolest this afternoon 57° mostly sunny sky, mostly sunny conditions saturday, temperatures there and sunday warming into the mid 60s in the afternoon still cold enough at night to make snow mid to upper 20s. >>> 5:44. new this morning, memorial plans are set for the two victims of a small plane crash in contra costa county. the aircraft went down north of byron airport 10 days ago. service for the 5-year-old -- meantime officials with the national transportation safety board released preliminary report on the crash. the plane was about 1,000 feet above ground level when it took a nosedive. >>> record number of mail-in ballots expected from voters in california expected in next week election creating a problem for vote counselors. -- vote counters. for close races we might know know the results for days maybe week
FOX News
Nov 8, 2012 12:00pm PST
everything. the floors, rip all the sheet rook off the walls, they have a space heater in here and a generator. we will go down to the basement. it was completely finished. they had a bedroom here, a laundry room, a bathroom. you can see the water still on the floor from last night's storm with additional water and the son of the homeowner said he spent three days with a heavy pump trying to clear out the water that was beyond the ceiling. every house in the neighborhood has the yellow stickers on the door meaning they need to be cleaned out and people are not supposed to live in them because conditions are so bad here. >>shepard: what is the latest on the power situation? >> well, these folks obviously don't have it, and they don't know when they will get it back. the whole neighborhood does not know when they will get power back. many of them lost power in the nor'easter because the heavy snow brought trees and lines down. these folks do not know when they will get the juice back. >>shepard: i am guessing there are more stories up and down the street. cars are on top of cars. we sa
Nov 7, 2012 6:00pm PST
was nicknamed the rook by our supporters and i think a rookie is just what congress needs to go back there and shake things up. >> reporter: other voters across the country apparently felt the same way. >> the 113th congress is the youngest most inexperienced congress and so i don't see that as a liability. i see it as an opportunity to build new partnerships and relationships. >> reporter: he wouldn't have run against stark if it weren't for the newly redrawn districts and new primary system which allows the top 2 candidates to move forward regardless of party. swalwell says that opened the door for him to reach out to democrats and republicans. he knows a little about party politics having interned for former congresswoman ellen tauscher more than a decade ago. >> i think it's going to be tough to change years of gridlock and going back there and changing hearts and minds. >> reporter: he is already talking compromise like going along with republicans who want to lower the corporate tax rate. >> where i want to push back and say, let's lower the corporate tax rate, but let's o
Nov 7, 2012 6:00am PST
us rooking for colder weather the results will show up later today and more likely tomorrow. we have a very strong cold front coming in. today is that between day. 60s and 70s. a lot of the fog and low clouds are back. temperatures will begin their cool down. >>> traffic on 24 westbound between walnut creek and oakland looks good. the fog is not low here. steve has mentioned the fog. definitely foggier and chillier. the commute looks good on 80 now. but this last night there the freeway waclosed for more than five hours. this taxi cab happened in san francisco. it happened about two hours ago on 8th. the cab driver lost control and hit two parked cars and a parking meter before crashing into the side of the market there. firefighters had to use the jaws of life to get the driver out. the driver was injured. we don't know his condition. no one else was hurt. it's not clear what caused this crash. you see some of the debris a parking meter ended up on top of that little scaffolding there outside the market. it's a pretty dramatic crash. again one person was seriously injured. now let's
Nov 26, 2012 6:30am EST
terms of passing on the lessons of our movement and what we were involved in, we have to rook at that and scrutinize it and overcome the kind of denial that is around the case right now. my question is, a very interesting piece in your book, one paragraph where you say in 1966 reagan was considering asking the fbi to set up an fbi kind of academy in berkeley. and that was just before the school of criminology begins to be investigated and closed down. i had fbi agents in my class. the first reports i see of informants and agents are in my fbi folder in 1969. and i wondered if that, if you followed up on that particular lead to see if there's any connection between that proposal in 1966 and what eventually happened to the closing down of the school of criminology. >> it's a very interesting question. i don't, i didn't see information on that. what struck me is particularly interesting about reagan's announcement in 1966 that he would open a school dedicated to fighting crime and subversion near berkeley. in the midst of his campaign. j. edgar hoover had a publicly-stated policy in whic
Nov 20, 2012 6:00am PST
seconds, sirens went off. in almost every house in israel they have a safe rook room, which is really a concrete closet, if you will, that they can stay in there during shelling. fortunately they all went in there and survived. you wouldn't believe the house. we just got back and took, obviously, good pictures of what was going on. we interviewed the parents. the house is basically destroyed. had they not been in the safe room they would all be dead. to see up close what's going on. within a few minutes we have gone to one of these command centers, emergency center where they deployed ambulances and we were in the command center. they let us in there to watch what's going on. all of a sudden there were what they call these red alerts, sirens going off, rockets coming in. within 10 to 15 minutes 11 additional rockets were detected coming toward beer sheva. and several of them were destroyed by the iron dome, this anti-missile system. several of them also landed. some caused serious casualties. they're determining now the extent. they let us get into one of t the -- it's a painful situati
Nov 27, 2012 6:00am EST
was an intelligence mission, first and foremost, if we rook at afghanistan, and -- if we look at afghanistan, and we deployed the first teams into afghanistan in september of 1999. so for two years we had developed networks and built trusted alliances with our afghan allies and prospective allies. and so we had a two-year, two years of hard work building this network and building these alliances. so when 9/11 happened, we knew who we could depend upon, and we knew who we could go to. so it wasn't only collecting intelligence against al-qaeda and the enemy, but also about erstwhile allies and really mapping the human terrain. >> along that path there had been the hunt for osama bin laden, and the first idea for drones came in. and then on drones. tell us a little about that and why you and your team pushed for that. >> it was really a product of great frustration, because we had these human sources, these networks in afghanistan reporting on bin bin laden, on his where are thes, and we in turn were passing this on to the policymakers in the white house and the department of defens
FOX News
Nov 22, 2012 9:00am PST
will. um, i do think that some of the statements he's made about me have been unfounded, but i rook forward to having the -- i look forward to having the opportunity to discuss all of this with him. >> reporter: director of national intelligence james clapper is wanted to return to capitol hill to explain why he told them he did not change the talking points. clapper's spokeman, sean turner, says it was clapper's own agency. >> reporter: jennifer griffin, thank you. rick: talk more about this with susan, chief congressional correspondent for the washington with examiner. susan, happy thanksgiving, good to see you. >> thanks, you too. rick: what'd you think of susan rice's comments? >> clearly, she's setting up the opportunity for becoming the next secretary of state. it is looking more likely, like the president at least wants to nominate her. and for him it will depend on how easily he can get her through the senate without dragging out this whole debate over benghazi. it's clearly a drag on his administration, and the foggier and blurrier he can make the whole situation, make it l
Nov 15, 2012 6:00am EST
economy in the last four years. if you rook at -- if you look at the balance sheet extensions. is this going to end badly, all the money central banks are pumping into the world economy? why don't we start with you, michael? you've written about -- >> i think it's a serious risk. i don't think it's imminent, but i'd make two comments about it. one is it certainly appears that these extraordinary types of quantitative easing, nontraditional measures hit diminishing returns a while ago and are doing very little good now, and the more that's done, the harder the exit strategy will be. usually the fed just has one policy lever it has to worry about, its short-term fed funds rate. often in the past raising it in time to forestall future inflation has been too late or a bubble as we had in the last decade. partly for political pressure, partly for human inability to forecast the future, now they're going to have a doubly difficult thing because they have to shrink the balance sheet as raising interest rates, so it's more complex. they have tooled to do it, raising interest on reserves a
Nov 21, 2012 9:00am EST
rook at it and think -- not to look at it and think this is out of whack even taking the most aggressive projections on what government users will need. and, in fact, there really isn't a lot of disagreement that on the government side -- this is true on the commercial side, too, and we have policies to address this -- there's inefficient spectrum use. you know, when spectrum was allocated for satellite earth stations 20, 30 years ago, they weren't done with the kind of efficiency optimization that we do today. clearing it is a challenge. >> uh-huh. >> a couple of points, and i think these are important so give me a minute to make them. one, i'm increasingly convinced that our leadership in the military services recognizes the benefits of working with us and the commercial sector to change the paradigms. because, yes, they're looking at increasing demands, but they're looking at something else too that's a very serious issue for people who are responsible for strategic planning for our military services. they're looking at a rapidly-growing gap between military communications
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)